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  • I Have An Idea For A Book. Will You Help Me Write It?
    Thank you for thinking of me. I am interested in certain co-author opportunities, but like you, my time is very limited. If you are looking for an editor to help you take your book draft to the next stage, I can help (for a fee). See Opportunities & Offers. If you are looking for someone to write a first draft without pay over the next year or two, I am already writing my own first and second drafts! Please write your own first draft. I promise you, the experience is invaluable.
  • How Much Do You Charge For Editing?
    It depends. Email me (see Opportunities & Offers) with a short description of your project; title, if you have one; the current number of pages or words; genre and the type of editing you seek: Line editing is sentence-based review of grammar, punctuation, spelling and diction. Content editing is the analysis of an idea or story; "flow"; organization; voice and tone. Please include the date you need the finished product. I'll send you an estimate via email. If you like what you see, return my estimate with "I accept these terms," along with 35% of the estimate paid to my PayPal or Venmo account (details will be included in the estimate). If for any reason I am unable to do the work, I will refer you to one of my colleagues. I only make referrals to those whose work as editors, authors and teachers I know and trust.
  • Do You Ever Teach/Give Private Writing Lessons?
    I do! Please see Opportunities and Offers and send me a short description of what you'd like to accomplish (ex. gain an overall sense of how to construct a nonfiction or fiction piece) or if you'd like to work on a piece in progress with one-on-one coaching. I'll send you a sample description of a workshop designed especially for you, along with the cost. We can then work out a schedule of meetings, either in person or online.
  • I Want To Learn From You, But I Don't Have Much Money To Spend."
    I understand. From time to time I teach writing workshops through Safety Harbor Writers and Poets, held at the Safety Harbor Art and Music Center (SHAMc), and Keep St. Pete Lit, held at the Morean Arts Center in St. Petersburg, Florida. Please check those organizations' websites. ALSO, I will develop and conduct a 6-week writing workshop especially for a group of 4-6 people who want to share the cost of a workshop and benefit from working with friends. See Opportunities & Offers and email me your phone number so we can speak directly.
  • Can You Help Me With My English/Composition/Language Arts Homework?
    I don't help with homework. If you have a Writing Center or Learning Center at your school, go sign up for a tutoring session. It's free (well, your tuition pays for it) and it's valuable. In my experience as a teacher, students who consistently use their schools' learning centers score higher grades. If you're in middle school or high school, ask a friend who is at least as smart as you are to read a paper in process and answer these two questions for you: 1. What do you like about this paper so far and why? (So you know what's working and what to do more of) 2. What more do you want to know? (So you know where you need to develop the paper) Avoid relying on Google and Wikipedia for research. They return millions of unfocused hits to your searches, which can lead to frustration and procrastination. Instead, ask your school librarian to help you find sources. That's their job and you're not bothering them! They love to do research; that's why they became librarians.
  • How Can I Join Your Weekly Writers Group?
    Five friends and I went through a lot of work to cultivate the Tuesday Night St. Pete Writers Group (we have been going strong almost-weekly since June 2017 and now we meet on different nights), which is currently closed to new members. A writers group can only get so big before it becomes unmanageable. Six people, I've learned from experience, is the sweet spot number for a writers group. I encourage you to develop and run your own group. I would be happy to help you coach your group into being over a 3-4 week period for a small fee. Please see Opportunities & Offers and email me your phone number so that we can speak directly.
  • Will You Read My Novel/Short Story/Essay And Give Me Some Feedback? Just Some General Comments. It Won't Take Much Time.
    But it will take time, 20 minutes or 2 hours. That's my time I'm devoting to your work. I'd be happy to provide feedback for a fee. Please see Opportunities & Offers and send me an email with a description of your project and the type of feedback you are seeking.
  • My Story Is Handwritten. Can You Type It For Me?
    Alas, no. But I'm happy to refer you to a transcriptionist who works for a fee and will do an excellent job with your story. See Favorites.
  • Can You Recommend Some Novels That I Might Enjoy?
    Sure. Check out my Favorites page.
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